Saturday, May 31, 2008

Orange Peel!!!

Today I am teaching one of my favorite classes, Orange Peel by Hand. I don't do many things by hand, but this is one I enjoy. Maybe because it does not require intense concentration, just a determination to keep going with it. I always have one in the works and keep it in a large zip-loc bag so I can grab it and go anytime I want. It will keep me company in the van on the way to Minnesota in a few weeks.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chris' projects....

Well, here are a couple of items belonging to my good friend Chris. She really does amazing piecing, but just can't quilt to save her life. She wouldn't get mad that I say that, she freely admits it. So you see here a table runner, front and back, and then some shots of a fabulous wallhanging that I really spent more time on that I would have, were she not a good friend. I think she will love it!

What's up for Thursday

So, I am told that in order for a blog to be a sucess (what is success in blogging anyway?) you must BLOG! I guess it has something to do with crawlers looking for stuff, so there needs to be alot of stuff!

So here is my first attempt at posting pics. I already tried to do the slideshow from my webshots, and that didn't work. I guess I will have to find a nine year old to help me figure that

Here is a quilt I have just finished. The first is my new pattern "Tidal Wave" It employs invisible machine applique, one of my favorite techniques to teach and also use. I am especially happy with how the quilting has shown off in the negative space.
I will make a new post for some other finished pieces....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Starting the process, my first blog.....

Well, I debated for quite some time about doing a blog. The main argument against is time, and my long cultivated inability to type very well or fast. It's a 50 years+ thing, unless you made a career as a secretary, right? Anyway forgive any typos you may find, and you WILL find them.

I am not quite sure what direction this blogging thing will go. My intent is for it to be primarily a journal of my quilting experiences. Without going into a lot of history today, I will say that I am evolving as we speak. I am up to about 8 quilt patterns, and the hope is that if I can increase that number to 20 by next spring, I will get a booth at market in Pittsburg. But it is very expensive, and I will have to be able to justify the expense. So we'll see.

Today I am working on 2 quilts (small) belonging to a friend of mine, and I will post pictures in a day or two. She will be happy, as I have had them for a bit. My evening will consist of continuing work on a new pattern design by cutting it out and getting ready to construct it. It is a bright and black (one of my favorite colorations!) and makes pinwheels in one of the settings.

If you look at my early patterns they have the ability to be set many ways so you can make the quilt your own design. Sort of "YOU BE THE DESIGNER!"

I think I will sign off now, and play with the look of my blog for a bit. Let me know what you think!