Thursday, June 19, 2008

Helping HELP

I do volunteer work for HELP (Home for Endangered and Lost Pets) as I mentioned before, and today we have a booth at the local "Swedish Days" festival in Geneva. My friend Chris is going with, and I am wearing my Kitty Cat costume that I wore for Halloween a few years ago. Normally it's too hot for something like that, but today I will give it a try. If it's too hot later, off it comes! I will post photos of the setup in a few days.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hmmm, over a week without a post. I never kept a diary as a child either. We'll have to see if this will work.

Anyway, horrible storms today. We lost power for about 6 hours, and LLOOONNG hours they were. No quilting, no sewing, no laundry. Just some catching up on quilting magazines that I haven't had the chance to thoroughly explore. LOVE Quilter's Home! That guy (and I use the term loosely) Mark Lupinski is a hoot. He is coming to my local quilt shop next year, and I will be the first one in line!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

"How About a Nice Hawaiian Punch?"

Here is my quilt for my Priority Alzheimers Auction. It will be some time before it shows up, I have another one or two on the works. these small quilts are auctioned off to raise research money for Alzheimers.

My grandmother who practically raised me suffered long and horribly from this disease, and it breaks my heart to see people suffer from it, so sad.....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Another Friday

The Bunnies have grown, I hope the rest are okay......

SOOOO windy today, I went to Walmart and saw a woman running full speed after her shopping cart. Between the 60+mph gusts, and downhill nature of the parking lot, oh I wish I had my camera.

Anyway, more quilting today on the "bedspread" I have to admit I am getting bored with it-it's just so big! But only a couple more hours today. The pic you see are a couple of the bunnies, eyes open and very alert to everything around them. I hope the other ones are okay, nature has a way of letting things run their course....

Tomorrow some volunteer work with H E L P (homes for endangered and lost pets) and you can see what they are all about at I serve as an adoption counselor and have made a raffle quilt (see the pic) for the annual dinner in October.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hump day!

I remeber we always used to call Wednesdays that. Once you got past Wednesday, the worst was over. Well, since I started working from home, almost anyday can be hump day. I try and get errands done during the week when no one is around, and sometimes work on the weekends. So the whole work week thing is kinda blurry.

Today I am doing a HUGE quilt that's not really a quilt. It's this fabulous Moda print and ONLY that, and I will do something simple, But it's 120X106, so that's pushing the limits of my table. I also have an little Priority Alzheimer's quilt that I am going to quilt on my DSM (domestic sewing machine) For more information about these fabulous little fundraising quilts, you can go to my website and click through at the bottom of the homepage to Ami Simms' website and efforts to fund alzheimer's research. Bless that woman!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Funny little bunnies...

I did get a good picture of the bunny nest in the backyard, right outside the back door. I am hoping our feral barn cats don't find them, Momma has them hid pretty well. And I think her instincts were good to put them close to the house, as the cats don't like to get too close to the house. I think there are about 7-8 babies, and I think you could put two in the palm of your hand.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Today is pretty quiet, I loaded a new quilt for another Chris, also a friend. Today I also discovered that the quilts that I am trying to sell at the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show in Oregon are online now. You can see them all previewed at

We have had a bunny nest just a few feet outside our back door and today they started venturing out of the nest. So cute! When you get close enough, they start popping up like little jack in the boxes, 'cause they think Mommy's home and they are looking for a meal. I will try and get a picture soon.......