Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eat it, Drink it, Sleep under it!

This fun beer quilt was made for Kermit, my hubby's, Birthday. We won't say how old! I just did something quick so I could use the beer and pretzel fabric without cutting it up too much. He loves it, and is very proud that he has his very own sofa quilt!

Check back in a couple days, I have leftover fabric and am going to show you all how to make neat coasters that make great hostess gifts, or a little extra for a gift basket, etc.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Out and about with Quilts and Texture Magic!

Well, the weather is not getting the better of me. Even though this weather brings out the worst in my arthritis, I believe firmly that you have to "just do it". Next week, Tuesday the 26th, I am speaking at Clare Oaks Retirement Community in Bartlett IL, I hope to sell some bags and talk them into a workshop or two. I have no idea how many of them can quilt or sew, so we'll see.

I am also planning a trip down to Kankakee-if you have some suggestions about great fabric/quilt shops there or on the way down, pipe up! I haven't been to that area in years, so I am clueless.

My newest venue for teaching is online, and I am pretty excited about it. The first class I am teaching at Quilting Weekly is a Mystery! I hope you will consider quilting along with me as we unfold a quilting adventure. I promise to throw in tips and tricks along the way!

Well, till next time, remember to only quilt on days that end in "Y"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, December proved to start out kinda awful with my Father-in-Law's passing, but since my dear mother-in-law was able to stay here for the holidays it was fun! Loads of snow proved to make a picture postcard Christmas!

Santa brought me a Sony Handy-cam, and as soon as I figure out how to use all the bells and whistles (aka software, lol) I plan to post some tutorial videos. Is there any outlet for video beside YouTube? I guess I will research that.

Also with the new year, I will be teaching (virtually!) on a site called Quilting Weekly. I plan to post a mystery, and am excited to part of their staff. Sounds like fun! Check out

Tomorrow night, 1/7, I am to go to Robert's Sewing Center in Crest Hill, IL to demo Texture Magic and show samples of my own patterns, per their request. We are supposed to get snow, so we'll play it by ear. Robert's is open to the public and free, so if you are anywhere nearby, c'mon by! In case of a blizzard, we may postpone...

Sub-zero by Friday-yuck!!!