Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's make some quilty coasters!

These coasters are great hostess gifts, I like to cut the fabrics from leftovers as soon as I am done with a project. Then when I have a few sets to make, I get out the serger and serge the seams rather than sew and zig zag, as I show here.

For a set of 4 coasters (I usually make then in fours)You need 8 squares each of 3 different fabrics. I like to use 5", but you can use 5.5 or 6" also, as long as they are all the same size.

For these I used the plain black as the "base" Cut 4 pieces of batting, one-half inch smaller than the fabric. (In this case 4.5") Layer the 8 pieces of base fabric with the 4 pieces of batting as shown.

Now fold and press the remaining 16 squares. Don't get to carried away with the iron so they don't stretch.

Place the first folded triangle on the base, lining up with one of the base corners.

Work your way around the square, adding the triangles and alternating the fabrics.

Number 3...

The last piece is a bit trickier, because you have to lift up the corner of piece one and place piece 4 under it. It will make sense when you do it. Pin the pieces in place.

Now sew 1/4" all around, then zig-zag with your machine (this is where I switch to the serger if I am making a few sets at a time.

After trimming the corners (not too close) reach under the triangles and pull up the base. Use something pointy to push out the corners and press.

The coolest thing about these is that you can take a stemmed glass, and put the base of your stemware inside the little pocket made by the triangles. Really great for a party!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here we come, Fair City!

I am exited to be going to the Fair City Quilter's Guild, so called because they are in Sandwich IL at the Federated Church, 7PM on Monday. Sandwich is the home of the Sandwich Fair and has been my favorite places to show quilts for about 5 years now. All the other county fairs seem dirty and not well kept, but this one is so great! It's always the weekend after labor day, starting Thursday. The best fiddling, chickens, food demos and GREAT home ec displays, including quilts, needlework, wallhangings. The list goes on. And these ladies are the big time volunteers that run that building at fair time.

I got 4 purple ribbons last show, and I hope they aren't busy right now making sure they have enough ammo for my visit, lol!!!!

Anywho, join us if you like, the 15th, and you'll see a Texture Magic demo and samples from my own patterns. If you come, please introduce yourself!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feel the earth move!!

Last night I was shot out of bed at 4:02 by the earthquake near Plano, IL. I had no idea what it was. You know, it's not often (thank heavens) that we get 'em. But I was certain my new gas dryer had exploded. Or maybe a giant truck had hit the 6 ft diameter black walnut tree in front of the property. I feel whiney, as I could not get back to sleep thinking about what people in Haiti are going through...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goin' to Ohio!!

I am very excited. I have been selected to teach at QwM (Quilting with Machines) in Huron, Ohio. It is between Cleveland and Toledo at a very nice resort called Sawmill Creek. It looks really nice, and it is a brand new venue for the show. I have been wanting to teach at a big show for sometime, and am very grateful for the opportunity. I plan to kick some quilting booty, lol.

I will be teaching this cool new technique I developed for quilting borders and sashings. I also will be teaching a fav, Invisible (REALLY!) Machine Applique. It's one of those things you just have to have in your quilty bag of tricks. Then I also will teach Totally Textured Tote, a tote using Texture Magic.

So here is the link to their site, It is in Late September, 23 to 26. See you there?!??