Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teaching in wisconsin

Well, now that I have an iPad, no excuses for not blogging right? I do something relating to quilting everyday, so hopefully with the portable access I will be able to check in more often. 

Last week I taught 4 classes in 2 days in Oconomowoc then spoke at Oconomowoc Quilters Guild. Whew! Lots of stuff in just a few days.  One of the classes I taught was Build a Star workshop. The coolest thing about this class (I call it "worth the price of admission") is that you don't sew through the paper! What, you say? That's right, you use freezer paper, fold on the sewing line and then sew right next tot he folded paper. Wow! Anyway, here is a pic of one of my students projects. Great job!

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